Threats to Life

Get ready.

If you are going into hostile territory you will risk capture or death.  You will need special training.

In the US Air Force Survival – Evasion – Resistance – Escape Manual, section 4.9.2. “Threats to Maintaining Life” it says:

“Two of the gravest threats to maintaining life are concessions to comfort and apathy. Both threats represent attitudes that must be avoided.”

True for all of us.

We face deadly threats right now. Some instant, some slow-acting. We face forces that leach away our strength and compromise our freedom. Take a look around. We are surrounded.

Without a commitment to good training people adapt to a world that is unhealthy, so they become unhealthy.

They sit at the computer, in the car, on the couch, at the desk, because they think it is normal. Their bodies turn soft and they lose their lives.  People consume toxins for fun or without even noticing it. It just seems normal.

Our minds begin to reflect the chaos of the media and the street. We get manipulated, distracted, conned, charmed, assaulted, bored, seduced. The danger becomes lethal when we get comfortable and apathetic.

Then instead of connecting we become alienated. Instead of finding out what is going on we become clueless. Instead of becoming heroes we become consumers. In the long run that is as deadly as a punch in the throat. We can prepare to deal with all of it.


Train to the limit of our body and mind. Get strong and skillful. Persist through difficulties no matter how high they pile up.  Use your abilities – to keep yourself safe and take care of the people who need you.

As martial artists, while we prepare for contingencies – assault, disorder or disaster – we also prepare for the inevitable.

Martial arts are not just for special people. Martial arts are life and death survival skills we can rely on when we need them.  We need them every day of our lives.

We will all face threats. So will everyone we know and everyone we love.  They will need our help.

Get ready.


Post by Jeff Brooks

Image: Sensei Taira Masaji, 9th Dan, Goju Ryu used by permission Glenn Cunningham, Kyoshi

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