Our Classes

At Mountain Karate we build a foundation of fitness and practical self defense – in a positive, focused atmosphere.

Adult members get a challenging workout. Kids have a great time. Each member gets stronger and more skillful at every class.


At every class:

Flexibility, Strength, Focus, Precision, Energy, Coordination, and Balance.


We introduce practical self-defense techniques right away.

You learn to use them well before you learn new ones.


Kata are pre-set sequences of self defense techniques, similar to tai chi but more vigorous.  You put all the pieces together: strength, skill, speed, coordination, balance, focus, intention and other skills.  They encode deep principles of movement, practical fighting skills, and a core of powerful practice.


Partner Practice:

Partner practice challenges you in a good way, working with the movement of a training partner in a dynamic, controlled situation. Partner practice starts with slow, pre-set movement patterns and builds from there as you are ready.



When you practice in an honest and demanding setting, in the company of sincere people, it makes you stronger, more focused, more confident and positive. First line skills of kindness, consideration and respect are the method and goal of everything we do.



Our tuition cost is minimal. We make it easy for families to train together and we encourage it.  There is no expensive required equipment, no expensive test fees or other surprise fees. We do not use long-term contracts.



Our instructors have many years of practical experience in teaching and the use of martial skill.  We know that each person who gets interested in martial arts has unique abilities, concerns and goals. We are able to offer each member what they need to move forward, to achieve a high level of competence, and get the rewards that come from sincere training.

All welcome!


Click here for Class Schedule

Use the link at the bottom of this page to join or renew.

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