Beginning Today



In the beginning we have the idea we will learn some tricks, some inside information, strike points, joint locks, secrets of ki, ways to punch or kick, that other people just don’t know. We might think that that is what martial arts training is, and that these things will give us an advantage over an attacker who is bigger or stronger or faster than we are.


We will learn these things. But these are not what gives us an advantage.


Our advantage is that we have more experience than the people we encounter.


It does not come to us on its own. We need to get it. The time to start is now. Today. Punch ten thousand times. You will have an advantage, even over someone with innate ability and talent, if they take their skill for granted and do not train as hard as you.


Go step by step. Build your strength, skill, focus, speed and endurance. Build explosive power. Be awake. Be persistent. That secret is there is no secret.


No matter how much explanation you get, no matter how many questions you ask, it won’t help you as much as doing it.


Correction, instruction, demos, and advice are all good. But not as good as throwing thousands of punches, kicks, or blocks. Doing an hour or two of kata every day with commitment and without fail. Do partner practice the same way, if you can.


Classes are necessary. Teachers and training partners are essential. But if you do not have access to them every day use what you do have: space and time. Your body and mind. Your will to master your karate and your life.


Let nothing stand in your way. There is no limit to how great you can be. There is no limit to how many great people there can be in this world.


Be one of them.


Post by Jeff Brooks

Original 9’x3′ hanging scoll of the Rhinoceros in the Snow pictured above painted by Tarleton Brooks

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