Facebook Departure Time

Shortly after I took the Mountain Karate pages off Facebook, more than two comments poured in, asking about that step. 

To me time spent on Facebook was like time spent in the airport. A lot going on. Most of it not very interesting. An airport is not a place where most people want to be. The people who work there seem to want to be elsewhere. Even the pilots, who you would think would feel right at home, hurry along, trying to get away, avoiding eye contact with the kind of intensity they rely on to make an instrument landing in a heavy cross wind.  

Some people did come across my articles there, which I appreciate. I hope that this MountainKarateNC.com site will provide a good environment for reading. 

It should be easier to focus here, for many reasons, including that there are no Cinnabons near by, and we already are where we’re going. 


Post Copyright © 2022 Jeffrey Brooks, Mountain Karate Dojo, LLC, Yamabayashi Ryu honbu, Saluda, NC.

Photo Copyright © 2022 Tarleton Brooks

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