Bunkai: Pinan Nidan 1st direction

Yoi positions have an important role in training. For tactical kata interpretation they do not always provide a realistic starting point.

As in this case, you might not really stand there with your arms stretched down while someone with bad intent is close enough to grab you.

So here we can start with a guard up position. If the opponent attempts a cross grab to pull you into a punch, this interpretation of the kata shows a good defense. 

We drop the grabbed arm controlling the opponent and pulling him forward. As you step toward him, as in the kata, bend his arm and bring his hand to your shoulder, bending his arm and changing his balance again.

Come up over the top of his wrist with yours. If that breaks the hold, then the hammer fist in the kata goes to his temple or other head target. If he holds on to your wrist then the range of motion will turn him, exposing his back targets or his head at your chudan level. 

Then you step in and punch to the open target. 


For more on the tactical understanding of the yoi poitions read \”Yoi for Bunkai\”


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