Our instructors are uniquely qualified. We bring decades of experience – teaching karate to thousands of students, training with outstanding teachers in Okinawa and the US, plus invaluable real-world experience in law enforcement and in other professional roles – a needed reality-check in teaching practical self-defense. This allows us to further the goals of everyone we train with at Mountain Karate.

Fourth degree Black Belt Instructor Tarleton Brooks

JB Elbow CU

Lead instructor Jeff Brooks began his martial arts training in 1978.

He ran his dojo in Northampton, MA from 1988 through 2009, teaching thousands of adults and children karate, and holding self-defense seminars, and professional programs in combative skills. He received a 7th degree black belt in Shorin Ryu in 2004.

Mountain Karate opened in 2017.

Sensei Brooks learned from leading teachers in Okinawan, Japanese, and Chinese traditions in the US and overseas.

Among them Katsuhiko Shinzato, translator of Shoshin Nagamine’s Essence of Okinawan Karate Do, and student of the Kishaba brothers karate and kobudo at one time;

Sogen Sakiyama, Roshi, practitioner of Goju-ryu karate

and Shoshin Nagamine, Chief of the Motobu District Police, and founder of Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu.

Jeff Brooks served as a police officer, detective, law enforcement defensive tactics instructor, firearms instructor, PPCT defensive tactics instructor, Deputy US Marshal, Federal Task Force Officer and Deputy Sheriff.

Jeff Brooks has written hundreds of published articles on martial arts, and has been cited widely online and in print. He wrote speeches and presentations for high profile public figures in politics, media, business and the arts.

He is author of several books including “The Good Fight – The Virtues and Value of the Martial Arts” published in 2019.

Matsumura Seito

Mountain Karate is part of a global network of dedicated practitioners and professionals. Friends and visitors from around the world join together to share training, insights and spirit.

Nagamine Certificate

US Shorin Ryu Certificate

Outdoor Workout Demo

Above: Outdoor Workout at Smith Vocational – photo by Scott Prior Below: Noon Class Workout, outdoors at the Cutlery Mill courtyard.

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