People love our karate martial arts classes.
Sat class 7Adults get a challenge. Kids have a great time. Everyone gets stronger and more skillful every time they train. The atmosphere is welcoming, positive, and professional, with great instructors giving personal attention to everyone in the class.

Start any time. Everyone is welcome at our Saluda/Hendersonville area martial arts school.

Our students come from Henderson County and Polk County, North Carolina communities including Hendersonville, Flat Rock, Tryon and Columbus, Mountain Karate is centrally located at 54 Carolina Avenue, Saluda NC ( with free parking behind the Saluda Library, off 176.)

Entrance street view


Kids, ages 5-9: all levels Thu 4:30pm, Sat 9am

Advanced Kids: Mon 4:30pm

Adults all ranks: Mon 5:30, Thu 5:30, Sat 10am

Adult Beginners by appt.: Sat 11:30am

Advanced: Wed 5:30pm, Kobudo: Wed 6:45pm

Private lessons by appointment
All welcome!

Self-Defense: You learn practical self-defense techniques right away.

Forms: You learn a unique approach to traditional kata – sequences of self-defense techniques – for full body conditioning, a great workout, self-discipline and practical self-defense.

Partner Practice: Partner practice with other students, including sparring and other controlled contact training, gives a higher level of challenge. It is a great way to increase self-esteem, fitness, focus and your ability to respond with skill. Partner practice starts slow and builds from there.

Character: When you practice in an honest and demanding setting, in the company of sincere people, it makes you stronger, more focused, more confident and positive. Consideration and respect are an essential part of everything we do.

Cost: Our tuition cost is minimal. We make it easy for families to train together.  There is no expensive required equipment, no expensive test fees or other surprises. We do not use long-term contracts.

Experience: Our professional instructors have many years of experience teaching and applying martial skill.  We know that each person has unique abilities, concerns and goals. We are able to offer each member what they need.

All welcome!

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