Karate for Kids

Mountain Karate in Saluda, NC since 2017 – serving Hendersonville – Columbus, NC

Our Certified Instructors

Our certified, black belt instructors love to teach. We have decades of experience teaching kids martial arts classes.

We are dedicated to making sure that every child learns, gets strong and confident, and has fun. 

We have taught successful kids’ classes at Mountain Karate in Saluda since 2017, and at community centers, YMCAs, and in local school programs. 

Why Families Love Mountain Karate

There are a lot of reasons why so many families love the kids’ martial arts classes at Mountain Karate – and why so many are willing to travel to train with us. 

One reason is the traditional atmosphere – friendly and welcoming but focused. 

The Skill of Our Instructors

Another reason is the skill of our senior instructors: training in Japan and in the US, with practical law enforcement experience, and a track record of teaching authentic karate to thousands of children and adults.

And then there is the skill of our newest instructors: who started in the children’s program themselves years ago, and having earned their black belts, are teaching, and leading the way by example.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach to karate is unique. Although many schools describe their styles with similar names, we invite you to come in and take a look at our karate classes – for children (and for teens, adults and families) – and see the unique way we approach teaching children traditional martial arts.

The Characteristics of Our Martial Arts School

In addition to the practical self-defense we teach, here are some of the characteristics of our martial arts school that really stand out:

Kids have a great time

Mountain Karate’s kid’s classes are fun. The atmosphere is friendly and positive, so the children enjoy themselves and have fun getting strong, focusing in and practicing together. 

Kids learn real skills

Our martial arts classes are more than just fun. Each child learns new moves and techniques every step of the way. They develop real self-defense skills. As each child gets stronger, learning basic fighting skills, they also learn how to use self-control, to have self-respect and how to be respectful of others. As they master their coordination, speed and agility, they feel great knowing they can be strong and quick when they need to be. 

We emphasize that their karate is only to protect themselves or to protect someone who needs their help.

Kids have fun moving

The kids in the martial arts classes at Mountain Karate are in motion. Rather than standing around or hanging out, the children move – sometimes slow and sometimes fast, sometimes serious and sometimes playful. Technique is mixed with running, jumping and other strength, agility and skill-based activities. So kids get great, whole-body fitness training without it ever getting dull or repetitive, or feeling like they are doing “exercise”.

Kids have fun focusing

Everyone who sees the kids class at Mountain Karate is impressed by the level of focus – even of the youngest children. The kids learn to focus because they like to focus on what they enjoy and want to do well at. All the instructors at Mountain Karate make each class interesting, and exciting – not too easy and not too difficult, with enough repetition to get good skills, and enough variation to keep it surprising – so every kid’s focus improves naturally.

Kids work together

The more experienced children use their knowledge to help the newer kids, so the older ones feel appreciated and the younger ones appreciate the help and attention they get. All the kids learn to practice their techniques together – in unison movement, in controlled contact – all in a positive atmosphere – sometimes collaborative, sometimes competitive, but always in a way that all the kids enjoy. 

Kids get confidence

As the children learn their martial art they get stronger physically and mentally. They get the confidence that comes from competence. They try hard, succeed and are recognized when they do. As they learn their martial arts skills, they also learn that they can take on a challenge, work hard, and achieve their goals.

Kids get respect 

At Mountain Karate we treat each other with respect. From the newest person (whether 6 years old or 60 years old) to the most experienced black belt, everyone gets respect and shows respect. We appreciate the accomplishments of the kids and other members who have achieved high skills. We appreciate the sincere effort that the new kids show as they start their first class. 

At a moment in time when disrespect may be a default setting for some, valorized in the media, imitated, and too often mistaken for strength, learning to show respect, and to expect the same from others, is a valuable life skill that every child (and everyone else) can benefit from.

Beyond Self-defense

Yes, we teach real self-defense. It is authentic, it feels great to learn it. Beyond that, kids get a healthy habit of physical fitness, they enjoy learning, they get strong, resilient and confident. Health and happiness are the foundation of everything we teach.

We hope you will join us. You are invited to come down and take a look at our children’s martial arts program and see if it is right for you and your family. 

If you have any questions or would like further details, please contact us, anytime.

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