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At Mountain Karate we build a foundation of fitness and practical self defense - in a positive, focused atmosphere. Adult members get a challenging workout. Kids have a great time. Each member gets stronger and more skillful at every class.   At every class: Flexibility, Strength, Focus, Precision, Energy, Coordination, and Balance. Self-Defense: We introduce practical self-defense techniques right away. You... Continue Reading →

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The Moving Target

Some folks think there was a golden age, a better time, long ago, before the fall, when people lived sincere lives, worked hard, did things right.  In East Asia in the past, where our martial arts came from, people venerated their ancestors, homes had a family shrine, people looked back for guidance. Some folks put... Continue Reading →

Fearless Asymmetry

  Your body is biased. One side of you is stronger than the other. That is not a defect.   We become more effective fighters when we see that our “one-side stronger” design – our “asymmetry” – is not a weakness. It is a key feature of our design. It is a survival advantage.  ... Continue Reading →

Kata and the Knockout Game

It is easy to hurt people. It is hard to protect them. Standing on the corner on a bright sunny day waiting for the bus – this guy never saw it coming. For fun someone snuck up and punched this guy as hard as he could in the side of his head. It landed just... Continue Reading →


This calligraphy says Gratitude. It is pronounced "Kansha" in Japanese. The beautiful calligraphy was done by Chie Nakata and given to our dojo by her and her husband Jeremy Blaustein, an accomplished karate practitioner, who trained with us for many years. He says this is an expression of his philosophy of life. The message is... Continue Reading →

Zanshin is Your Friend

It's better to be strong than to be weak.  If you can help a friend or family member who needs you it is good to be able to do it. To be strong is an advantage. Our environment tolerates a lot of weakness. That is good for the aged and infirm but not so good... Continue Reading →

Beginning Today

    In the beginning we have the idea we will learn some tricks, some inside information, strike points, joint locks, secrets of ki, ways to punch or kick, that other people just don’t know. We might think that that is what martial arts training is, and that these things will give us an advantage... Continue Reading →

Prepare to Win

  You will fight like you train.   If we train well, we respond well. We cannot expect that we will rise to the demands of the moment just because we want to, or because our cause is just, or because we are courageous.   It’s good when we can all get along.   Over... Continue Reading →

Maintaining Perfect Balance

"According to Confucius: The well-trained person keeps to the center in action; the poorly trained person moves away from the center in action. The center, for the well-trained person, is such that he is always exact in his timeliness; the departure from the center for the poorly trained person is such that he will notice... Continue Reading →

Having a Practice

Having a practice is not the same as doing an activity or learning a skill set. An 'activity' is interesting or pleasant or distracting or edifying or fun. We enjoy it. It might make a lasting impression, but it probably won't. Go to dinner or a movie, play a game or go for a walk.... Continue Reading →

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