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Articles by Jeff Brooks, instructor at Mountain Karate

Bunkai: Passai Nukite

Bunkai: Passai Nukite

September 19, 2023

This is an unusual two-handed application of nukite in our kata. Other nukite applications depend on body inertia or momentum for counterpressure, so you do not need to apply it with your opposite hand.

Second Kata – Outdoor Demo

Second Kata – Outdoor Demo

September 18, 2023

Second Kata, Fukyugata Ni – Outdoor Training. Kata demo in flow style, from Mountain Karate – Castro Valley

Bunkai: Pinan Shodan Nukite 

Bunkai: Pinan Shodan Nukite 

September 17, 2023

The nukite technique can be used for cavity penetration and muscle seizing techniques, as shown here in the kiai move of Pinan Shodan (Heian Nidan).

The Peak Experience

Our members have different goals and abilities. They all come for a challenge. Here is what they have to say:

After a long search for a dojo I joined Mountain Karate and I’m glad I did. It has become a huge part of my life, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Sensei Brooks. The benefits I receive from karate are invaluable, and I would encourage anyone interested to try it.

Bruce B.

This is an exceptional martial arts training environment with classes for kids and adults.  I have been practicing martial arts for years and now regularly train here and love every minute of it.  They have classes for kids and adults and both are exceptional.  

Adults get a challenge. Kids have a great time. Everyone gets stronger and more skillful every time they train. The atmosphere is welcoming, positive, and professional, with personal attention for everyone in the class.

Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Michael L.

My husband and I have been members of Mountain Karate since 2022 (our child has been a member even longer) and it has been an amazing experience for our family. The atmosphere in the dojo is welcoming and judgment free. The instructors, sensei Jeff and sensei Tarleton, are highly qualified martial arts instructors with decades of training. They are supportive, motivating and very patient with me and my progress. I believe what sets this dojo apart is the sense of community and belonging. Overall, I am extremely happy with our decision to join Mountain Karate and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in karate, fitness, and self-defense.

Iveth A.

I came to Mountain Karate for the chance to rekindle my love of Karate and the health benefits it provides. I had an injury that had caused me to back away from training in my 30’s and wanted to see if could recover what I had lost to time and tide in my 50’s. What I did not expect was a teacher as patient and informative on the subject of Martial Arts that was willing to work with a student with such a long path to travel. Honestly at this point in my journey with Karate I feel as if my understanding of katas and the application of them is better than the understanding I had during my 30’s due to 
Sensei Brooks training. If you want to grow as a practitioner in strength and understanding of what you practice I highly recommend Mountain Karate.
Recent receiver of Yudansha (Black Belt)
Troy Rogers

Troy R.

Sensei Brooks provides an amazing place to train and learn the martial art that he has dedicated most of his life to studying. Mountain Karate has changed my life, and that is not an understatement. His training has significantly improved my physical and mental health, and has also come into play in several real-world situations due to my line of work. Sensei Brooks takes training very seriously and the results are shown through his students. This martial art is not just about learning self defense, it is also about discovering your inner warrior and working through any psychological barriers that you may have. I am beyond grateful for Sensei Brooks’ training. 

Alan B.

“Our middle daughter was very interested in karate. We decided to enroll her to help teach her some valuable lessons and skills that she could use within her young life however, we’ve quickly become a karate family with all five of us now attending! The lessons that we learn together as a family at the dojo make our family bond imperishable. Not only are we healthier, we are much happier and a lot stronger! We are forever grateful to Sensei Brooks for his skillful teachings!” 

Holly O.