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Renzoku 連続

Renzoku 連続

May 13, 2021

There is a karate myth that Renzoku only means “no count” – that it is nothing more than a command to perform kata without a verbal count for each move. The moves are still performed as if there was a count to separate them – moving from one posture to the next, with an intentional […]

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

May 4, 2021

Sugar is an addictive drug. It makes you fat, sick and depressed. It has many forms and names. It is in most manufactured food. It is easy to get addicted to it. It is difficult to quit.  But once you do quit it is easy to do without. And when you do without it you can […]


April 20, 2021

Our hands have no fixed form. They change, as we use them for different tasks. Their form is “empty” of a fixed nature.  Hand is written “手”and pronounced “te” in Japanese. Kara “空” means “empty.” Our hands, as we use them in karate practice, hold nothing. They do not grasp any implement or object or weapon. […]

Training and the Milgram Experiment

Training and the Milgram Experiment

April 17, 2021

The fist about to smash my chest was traveling close to the speed of sound. I sent it past me and it disappeared. I had done it a thousand times. I was barely able to do it this time. But I did it. Then I did it again. And again. The fist was my training […]

欢迎 Spring Outdoor Training

欢迎 Spring Outdoor Training

April 4, 2021

欢迎我们的中国游客 – to the MountainKarateNC website! So good to be able to share perspectives with you, and with all our visitors from around the world. Photo copyright © 2021 Tarleton Brooks

Moral Kata

Moral Kata

April 2, 2021

Martial artists develop powerful concentration in training. In bursts, under pressure, and for sustained periods of endurance training, our ability to focus goes far beyond the capacity we would have if we were untrained. That deep focus comes, little by little, naturally, as we make effort to meet the high-performance demands of our training. We […]

Threats and Miracles

Threats and Miracles

March 21, 2021

In the dojo we train vigilance as a tripwire for defense. In every class we work to maintain awareness continually. We do that in class formalities, hojo undo, kata practice, two person drills and kumite.  Compressing the perception-response interval – the speed to action in a combative situation – is decisive both in training and […]

Competence and Freedom

Competence and Freedom

March 15, 2021

Our first line of defense is to know the difference between right and wrong.  But staying out of trouble is not enough.  We need to build our ability to do right. Doing things well gives us freedom. Here’s why: If you do not take care of yourself, if you are unable to do much that […]

Resistance is Futile

Resistance is Futile

February 27, 2021

  To increase speed we create conditions in the dojo where speed is essential: kumite is one way, speed drills on a bag or on hand-held focus targets are another, two-person choreographed contact drills, with accelerating pace, are another.  We can also do speed work in kata. Using kata and other solo drills – times when we can focus on our own body […]

The Peak Experience

Our members have different goals and abilities. They all come for a challenge. Here is what they have to say:

Morality or our Core beliefs are guarded by training the mind, body, & spirit. I have practiced martial arts since I was a young man and I recommend my home Dojo and teacher Sensei Jeff Brooks at Mountain Karate for this Journey to everyone.

Troy R.

The energy and inspiration from Sensei Brooks teaching is invaluable. I’ve been to 2 summer seminars hosted by Sensei Brooks, and both have been packed with learning, experiences and unforgettable memories for me and my family. We look forward to more training opportunities! 

Srinivas J.

“Mountain Karate has helped my daughter learn several valuable lessons at a young age which will serve her well for the rest of her life: hard work, focus, getting up and trying again after you fall, and courage even when you’re nervous or scared. It’s a testament to the skilled and patient instructors that she’s learned all of this with a huge grin on her face throughout.”

Michael F.

Karate makes me feel strong!

Tula F.

Karate has numerous health benefits for everyone and all ages.   If anyone in Henderson/Polk County is interested – We have a real gem here in Saluda With Jeff Brooks’ Mountain Karate. I personally love it and is fabulous exercise. 

Dr. Bonnie Williamson

Karate saved my life when I was confronted – and it has made an incredible difference in every part of life – in ways I could never have imagined when I started training almost 30 years ago.


“I’m grateful for the opportunity Sensei Brooks offers, to delve into an art that challenges mind and body, perceptions and self awareness. It will take a lifetime to comprehend but I’m enjoying every step along the way!”

Cassandra N.

Mountain karate is an exceptional martial arts training environment with clear and effective instruction backed by years of personal, professional and practical experience.  I recommend it highly.

Michael L.

Mountain Karate has helped instill in my son the long-standing traditions of discipline, perseverance, and a pursuit of excellence.

Eric B.

Karate is great!

Bruce B.
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