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At Mountain Karate we build a foundation of fitness and practical self defense - in a positive, focused atmosphere. Each member gets stronger and more skillful at every class.   At every class: Flexibility, Strength, Focus, Precision, Energy, Coordination, and Balance.   Self-Defense: We introduce practical self-defense techniques right away. You learn to use them well before you learn new ones.... Continue Reading →

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Your Life Matters. Take Care of It

  There is no martial art more practical or deep than the one you learn at Mountain Karate. Going step by step, becoming stronger and more skillful every day.  We get what we need to take care of ourselves, with real self defense. Beside taking care of our own lives, there are plenty of other... Continue Reading →

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Where We Are Coming From

It was a world of luxuriant decline. The old mills where people used to work were abandoned, transformed by bankruptcy and neglect into gutted and glorious hulks, like the last few dinosaurs, standing still, silhouetted against the evening sky. That was where we built our dojo. The rent was cheap, the parking free and the... Continue Reading →

The Okinawan Secret

Okinawans live longer than any other people in the world. Why? A team of medical researchers collected data for twenty-five years on the island to find out. The average life expectancy on Okinawa at the time of the study was over 90 years old. Finding their secret would be helpful.   Karate comes from the island... Continue Reading →

Every One

The massive Northern army is moving across the land. Town after town, province after province collapses in the onslaught. The power of the Northern army is irresistible. They arrive on the banks of the Yangtze River, and make camp. The Yangtze is the last barrier between them and the kingdoms of the South. Between the... Continue Reading →

Prepping From the Inside Out

  Self defense is not for a few special people. It's for everyone. Like reading and writing, driving or working, self defense is a life skill that you can call on whenever you need it. Being able to assert yourself when you are under pressure is valuable for everyone. It is something you learn. By... Continue Reading →

Any Place Any Time

  As a practitioner you can practice wherever you are, whenever you want. It takes a while to learn how to do that. Because not every environment is as conducive to training as a dojo. But you can always do something. To condition the body, and condition the mind. If you understand this you are... Continue Reading →

The Evolving Tradition

  Long ago, in another age, somewhere far from here, people found a way to keep themselves strong and alert. As they practiced and refined and used their art to good effect, it spread. It was referred to by many names over the years. The names changed. The technique evolved. In China, in the mountains... Continue Reading →

Hold Your Head High

  It is human to have a long and vertical spine.  It is human to walk on two feet, with your head high, your breath free to move and your gaze flexible and alive. This is not the posture of mind or body we assume at a computer or a desk, in a car or... Continue Reading →

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