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Empty Hand vs. Drugs

Empty Hand vs. Drugs

January 1, 2023

What we do is the opposite of addiction.  We move forward, like a river. We continue, following our course, with purpose. We change. We meet obstacles, we adapt, we move on. Sometimes our course is smooth and clear, and then maybe with no warning, narrows, cascades, cataract, whitewater. We deal with it. We continue. Our […]

Making History

Making History

December 26, 2022

They say the modern world is in an advanced stage of decline. We don’t need to decline with it.  We are not helplessly riding an arc of history. History is not a thing. History is what people do.  We can think in accord with accepted norms or contrary to them. Or neither: we can make […]

Why They Did It

Why They Did It

December 16, 2022

…the essential inner stream of east Asian martial arts culture… When you make something, you change the material you are working with. And you change too.  Anyone can fight. Kids hit. It takes no training, no brains and no skill. Impulsive ones lash out. The other ones learn what to do about it. People cannot […]

As Dangers Multiply

December 15, 2022

We carry our training with us everywhere we go. Our skills include our mental attitude. We make our minds strong.  Here is one way: we acknowledge shortcomings and we fix them. Here is another: we acknowledge our strengths and build on them. We do both every day. It is how training works.  Self-criticism can be […]

Summit Assault

Summit Assault

December 14, 2022

At first we memorize the embusen, the steps, postures and technique sequence of kata. Then we refine the main movements with increasingly subtle modifications. We point out how to use the waist, or use the arms and legs, or maintain a central axis in motion, under stress. We point out how to incorporate the training […]

Do Not Fall

Do Not Fall

December 12, 2022

Shoshin Nagamine founder of the predecessor style of Yamabayshi Ryu, was a long-time public official and one time Chief of Police. He was a San dan, third-degree black belt, in judo. Judo by his time had replaced jiu jitsu as the subject control and arrest technique system taught throughout Japan to all police cadets and […]

The Best Martial Art

The Best Martial Art

December 7, 2022

We love our training. We know what it is, and what we get from it. Not everyone does. So from time to time, we run into people who criticize karate. They say it is not as aggressive as this martial art, not as esoteric as that martial art, not as practical as this other martial […]

Empty Hand vs. Gun

Empty Hand vs. Gun

November 23, 2022

When Indiana Jones faced a massive scimitar-wielding warrior he smirked, drew his pistol and shot the swordsman dead.  For some people that incident put a bullet in the head of martial arts. Done. Outdated. Silly. Gone the way of the cavalry charge, the knight in armor, the sword and shield. That has not proved true.  […]

The Momentum of Truth

The Momentum of Truth

November 21, 2022

At first enthusiasm gets you in the door. You imagine yourself as you want to be, with great skill, great confidence, great power. The reality of the first hard steps in training is acceptable. You can overlook not knowing what you are doing, not being able to do as much as you want, lower in […]

The Peak Experience

Our members have different goals and abilities. They all come for a challenge. Here is what they have to say:

Sensei Brooks provides an amazing place to train and learn the martial art that he has dedicated most of his life to studying. Mountain Karate has changed my life, and that is not an understatement. His training has significantly improved my physical and mental health, and has also come into play in several real-world situations due to my line of work. Sensei Brooks takes training very seriously and the results are shown through his students. This martial art is not just about learning self defense, it is also about discovering your inner warrior and working through any psychological barriers that you may have. I am beyond grateful for Sensei Brooks’ training. 

Alan B.

“Our middle daughter was very interested in karate. We decided to enroll her to help teach her some valuable lessons and skills that she could use within her young life however, we’ve quickly become a karate family with all five of us now attending! The lessons that we learn together as a family at the dojo make our family bond imperishable. Not only are we healthier, we are much happier and a lot stronger! We are forever grateful to Sensei Brooks for his skillful teachings!” 

Holly O.

Morality or our Core beliefs are guarded by training the mind, body, & spirit. I have practiced martial arts since I was a young man and I recommend my home Dojo and teacher Sensei Jeff Brooks at Mountain Karate for this Journey to everyone.

Troy R.

The energy and inspiration from Sensei Brooks teaching is invaluable. I’ve been to 2 summer seminars hosted by Sensei Brooks, and both have been packed with learning, experiences and unforgettable memories for me and my family. We look forward to more training opportunities! 

Srinivas J.

Karate saved my life when I was confronted – and it has made an incredible difference in every part of life – in ways I could never have imagined when I started training almost 30 years ago.


Mountain karate is an exceptional martial arts training environment with clear and effective instruction backed by years of personal, professional and practical experience.  I recommend it highly.

Michael L.

After a long search for a dojo I joined Mountain Karate and I’m glad I did. It has become a huge part of my life, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Sensei Brooks. The benefits I receive from karate are invaluable, and I would encourage anyone interested to try it.

Bruce B.
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