Martial Arts Training

Bunkai Research is Traditional

We practice, investigate, challenge, learn and share what we discover. This makes all of us, and the karate that we practice, better and stronger. According to Shoshin Nagamine, from his book Tales of Okinawa’s Great Masters: In Okinawa during the old days, students spent years meticulously learning a single kata or two… later…without ever understanding their respective …

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Painful Indecision

Painful Indecision

…That kind of fantasy moves through the minds of untrained and inexperienced people when they think ahead to the possibility of violent confrontation. They think they will do something they saw in a show. Or that they will \”just do it.\” Or that, with right on their side, and innocence in their heart, that they will somehow be able to win. Not bloody likely…

Renzoku 連続

In renzoku our energy will follow a complete pathway, making a firm connection between the waist (the koshi and the hara, the mechanical and energy origins of the techniques), the foundation, and the target contact point – unifying our body, tactics and will in purposeful combative motion.