Sixth Annual Mountain Karate Yamabayashi Ryu Seminar

June 7-11, 2023

Intensive training – Black belt testing – Tactics and techniques

New bunkai applications – Visits by outstanding practitioners of Yamabayashi Ryu – held at Mountain Karate, Yamabayashi ryu honbu, Saluda, NC.


Saluda Elementary After School

Karate, for fitness, fun and self defense

Fall 2022/Spring 2022/Fall 2023/Winter 2023/Spring 2023

Registration for the next session begins in August.

Fifth Annual Mountain Karate Summer Seminar

June 2-5, 2022

Intensive training, black belt testing, tactics and techniques and exploration of new bunkai applications for Yamabayashi practitioners, at Mountain Karate in Saluda.

Fourth Annual Mountain Karate Summer Seminar

June 3-7, 2021

Classes, Seminar, Black Belt Testing, Mountain Karate Training

October 2020 Mountain Training


Safety Seminars

For groups, health care providers, government agencies, travelers, schools and others.


Sensei Michael Lushington, leader of Castro Valley (CA) Karate, and his dojo members, visiting Mountain Karate.



Excellent training with SRKDI Sensei Jerry Figgiani and his dojo!




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  1. Caitlin Carvalho says:

    Hello Sensei, I’m want to inquire about the summer seminar from June 2-5. Is there still space available? What is the cost? Can you tell me more about the event? I would love to be able to come down and see your dojo and train with you if I can swing it. Thank you! Caitlin

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