Senior Karate

Skillful movement, for people 65 and up. This class is not about fighting. It is for keeping fit, strong, alert and flexible. Professional instructors. Feel great!

Psychology Today article – Health and Wellness – Karate for Seniors


Karate Classes at BRCC

Mondays, 6pm – Patton 150 – Fitness and Practical defense – For everyone, 16 and up.  Join us! 2020 sessions: January 22 to March 4; March 23 to May 4; June 1 to July 20.  Click here to register at BRCC Flat Rock. Sections for beginners and experienced. 



54 Carolina Ave Saluda NC

Classes for all ages Weekdays & weekends


Personal Safety Seminars


For groups, health care providers, government agencies, travelers, schools and others.


Outdoor training





Visitor: Sensei Christof Paar joined in our weekend training. Sensei Paar leads the Kishaba Juku Karate Dojo in Cologne, Germany, where is a professor of electrical engineering. He was a member of Sensei Jeff Brooks’ Northampton, MA karate dojo, where he was awarded his Third Degree black belt by Sensei Brooks.


Visitor: Sensei Michael Lushington, leader of Castro Valley (CA) Karate for more than 30 years, a management consultant and theatre director, brought his group to Mountain Karate for an unforgettable three days of high altitude training and testing. He was awarded his Fifth Degree black belt by Sensei Brooks in 2018.


Training Visit

Excellent training with SRKDI Sensei Jerry Figgiani and his strong group!


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