Mountain Karate, Castro Valley – Michael Lushington

Okinawa Köln – Christof Paar

Kobudo Demo – Nakamoto Masahiro

Critique of D.T. Suzuki’s Zen

“Misguided Monk” Animation

Jeff Brooks’ FightingArts Articles

Jeff Brooks’ Books

Articles posted on this site, published since The Good Fight


山林 Yamabayashi Shorin Ryu Karate


Sakiyama Sogen’s Last Letter

Sakiyama’s Final Challenge

True Karate Do

Ansei Ueshiro’s Nin Tai

The Bun Bu Trinity

Bun Bu Ryo Do: Cultivation and Power

Killing People and Taking their Stuff

From Buddha to OODA

The Limits of Zen Budo

Damatte Keiko: Phase Transformation in Kata, I

Mushin and the Science of Flow: Phase Transformation II

Kensho: Phase Transformation in Kata, III. i

Kensho: Phase Transformation in Kata, III. ii

Mind Training

念Advanced Training Page

From the Start

Contemplation of the Body for martial artists

Mind Training in Kata

Look Out

A Different Ken Zen 拳禅

正念  Mindfulness in Kata

The Other World

Karate Koan from 把握不能心

手 Hands

Moral Kata

The Benevolence of the Butcher

The Dojo and the Crime Scene

The Lost Art of the Frozen Hunter

型 Kata

Renzoku 連続

One Unique Technique

Concealed in Kihon

Naihanchi’s Strange Omission

Resistance is Futile

Sweet Dreams

Learning from Experience

Just, Not the Same

Three Instructor Stages

No Menkyo Kaiden for You!

Competence and Freedom

Stable Equilibrium 

The Kansha Controversy

Kansha, II

Gradient of Competence

Training and the Milgram Experiment

Threats and Miracles II

Do as Jitsu

Threats and Miracles

Successful Training

Senior Karate Training

Self-Defense vs. Protection Rackets

Balance in Space, Time and Mind

Overcoming Resistance

Defense Against Violence and Decadence

Training at Sunset

The Action and the Scenery

People Get Ready

The Fog of Peace

Martial Arts & Martial Law

Training in Time of Plague and Panic

Mastery & Happiness

You Are Essential

Karate and Nuclear War

Fire on the Mountain

Mountain Training

The Threat Matrix

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