An Ecstasy of Sweat

It’s good to get together with a few or a few hundred of your closest friends and train real hard for a long time, together, everyone doing the same thing, in their own way, at the same time, of their own free will.

And together, in an ecstasy of sweat, burn out all the junk of life – the petty concerns, the nonsense, distractions, irritations, opinions, ideas, feelings, yearning, regret and pre-occupations that – like an ocean of mountains seen from a distance, from a high point, from a mountain top – seem small and insignificant compared to the magnificence of what is possible. The magnificence of what really is accessible – to you. The freedom that is already there in your own heart and mind.

Anyone can do it.

And – fight or no fight – it can save your life.



Post by Jeff Brooks




Landscape photo Jeff Brooks

Group photo – please advise for photo credit

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