Sixth Annual Seminar Mountain Training

June 6, 2023, Henderson County, NC

We stood on a rock ledge looking over a valley, surrounded by pine forest. We could see the mountains rolling out to the horizon, disappearing into the clouds. Usually blue, but tonight yellow.

As the sun set over the west, we ascended. While some felt the world closing in, we headed out into the open. While some remained witness to events, we had the chance to act.

We were reminded how valuable training is. Not an escape from reality, but an entry into it. 

Clouds blew through, a light rain fell, and the pine branches moved, as we did. The rough surface of the stone very different than the smooth floor of the dojo, but after all the of polishing our skill and spirit, not a problem. 

This mountain workout was day one of four days of training, leading to testing for black belt ranks for some of the members. 

A note on the dojo blackboard reminds us that every day is a test day. Most of us don’t think much about it. But it true. And it is a good way to train. 


Post by Jeff Brooks, author of the influential book True Karate Dō, instructor, Yamabayashi Ryu, Mountain Karate, Saluda, NC

Post Copyright © 2023 Jeffrey Brooks

Photos – Mountain Forest by Gabriella Palai, Highway by Vitaly Gorbachev 


  1. Jeff Moriber says:

    Congratulations. Best wishes for a successful training event.

  2. James Bolton says:

    Amazing place to spend working out and socializing, meeting new people and discussing the martial arts!
    Shame I wasn’t able to attend due to lack of transportation.
    Anyway, I wish you and the Event attendees all the best!

    Sensei Jim Bolton
    3rd Degree Black Belt
    Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo
    Norton, VA

  3. Ashok Pawar says:

    Congratulations and best wishes on the upcoming training and sharing.

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