Defense Against Violence and Decadence


Protection from violence and fear is necessary. You might never get mugged or confronted. But nowadays our bodies and minds are under threat. Family life and personal relationships are under attack. Health and vitality are under attack. Work and property are under attack. Religious and spiritual life are under attack. Personal worth is devalued and dignity is degraded. 

We can defend against these threats. Mountain Karate offers that, through traditional self-defense training.

Mountain Karate is not for everyone. The training is enjoyable but it is challenging. It challenges our bodies. It challenges our minds. It challenges our schedules. By meeting these challenges, we get stronger, more confident, healthier and more able to withstand the challenges and threats we meet every day. 

We train to prevail, not through unnecessary force, but by getting strong and flexible, by developing self-mastery and clear purpose, by cultivating positive values and good choices. 

Some approaches to martial arts can be trivial. Some are unhealthy. Some are limited in scope. Some are lame, expensive and over-hyped. If you are interested in an authentic and demanding martial art that will cost very little and deliver a lot, will be challenging and will reward your effort every day, come on in and get started. Individuals, families, groups and friends are welcome.

Mountain Karate. Authentic traditional martial arts. In Saluda, since 2017. 


For more info, to observe or get started, contact us anytime.

Post by Jeff Brooks, author of the influential book True Karate Dō, instructor, Yamabayashi Ryu, Mountain Karate, Saluda, NC

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