Bunkai: Pinan Shodan Nukite 

In this Bunkai of Pinan Shodan’s kiai technique the nukite – spear hand, fingertip strike – is used for cavity penetration. 

It also sets up a muscle-seizing chin na technique. 

This is one interpretation of the kiai move in Pinan Shodan (Heian Nidan). 

In this case it is shown targeting the opponent’s exposed arm pit.

Here the nukite can be used to seize the pectoral muscle. This may not be something you want to receive many times in practice, so you can grab the uniform as a way to practice the leverage and positioning of the technique.

When the nukite thrust is completed your hands move into place for the follow-up throw, as shown in the kata.

The throw is done by pulling down on the seized muscle or gi with your right hand, and wrapping the left arm around the opponent’s head as you turn. You can also grab his collar behind his head. This matches the arm movements in the kata.

Then you step back, doing an over-the-hip throw. This uses the 270° backwards turn and drop into nekko ashi dachi, for leverage. 

Do not do the penetration of the arm pit cavity when practicing this technique. 

Do not apply any pressure to the head or neck when practicing this. 


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