Bunkai: Fukyugata Ni – Gyaku Tsuki to Shuto – anti-grappling

We prepare to defend our six. We train this in every kata.

At the beginning of this interpretation, we are fully committed to the front, using the reverse punch in zenkutsu dachi. 

The stance and the technique are maximally powerful in this direction. 

But the position is vulnerable to an attack from the rear.

In another video we will show how to deal with this vulnerability to a striking attack – defending the achilles from a foot strike.

In this interpretation we defend against a rear bear hug.

It is defendable if you respond quickly, while you have balance. 

As the attacker makes his attempt to grab you and pull you 

You respond by folding your shoulders and crossing your arms, as shown in the kata

This is a standard compression position. It allows maximum expansion of the following technique, but it also breaks the opponent’s grab, and

Creates a gap in front of you in which you can rotate toward him

As you turn to strike your elbow lines up with his center line. If he is your height then you can counter to his solar plexus, but there are many good targets in the center area of the body.

You continue the turn with a fluid motion fully extending your arm and propelling your shuto strike to his neck area or other available target. 


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