Bunkai: Pinan Shodan Nekko-Kosa Version 2 Armbar 

From the third shuto following the kiai in Pinan Shodan – in this version we show a grab and strike bunkai interpretation. 

For a striking-only interpretation of this move see: Bunkai: Pinan Shodan Nekko-Kosa Dachi version 1

There are other interpretations that we will show in other videos that include grappling and a leg trap and displacement technique. 

In this version, we defend against a punch to the center of the body, using the quick reversal principle. 

(Read ”Too Fast To See” for more on this.)

We deflect and reroute the first incoming punch with the left arm, using the side step in nekko ashi to rotate the body, avoid the punch and power the deflection.

We grip the opponent’s wrist, rotate his arm and apply pressure above his elbow for the arm bar. We use the rotation into kosa dachi to off-balance the opponent and pull him in, as we apply pressure to the arm. 

We counter with a knee to the peroneal nerve channel at the outside of the opponent’s leg to destabilize him and then, follow up with a reverse punch to the center as a finishing technique for this sequence. 

It is possible to do a kick to the groin instead of a knee to the peroneal nerve. 

It is also possible to do a knee strike to the femoral channel on the inside of the opponent’s leg. 

It is possible to do a backfist at the same time as the armbar. 


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