Inner Training – A Mind of Your Own

A perspective on “How to Begin Inner Training:” 

If we think about it at all, we usually think of our mind as a thing. But it is more like a bunch of things, a group of functions, perceptions, ideas, feelings, plans, regrets, memories, hopes and dread, some evident, most not.

In a way the mind is like an ocean: from the surface to the depths, from horizon to horizon, everything is in motion, subject to disturbance, trying to stabilize. 

Unlike a body of water, which continually seeks equilibrium but never establishes it, our mind, with training, can. 

With a mind unified, clear and calm, we experience joy and peace. We act without hesitation or haste.

For context: To be effective, that is, to result in mental clarity and stability, mind training needs clear purpose, sound method, and a foundation of wholesome moral and ethical conduct. 

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