Mountain Karate is Outstanding

Every student in our program builds fitness and flexibility, with a level of challenge that’s just right for them.
We teach a complete, authentic martial art, for practical self-defense.
The atmosphere is friendly but serious.
What we don’t have: high priced belt tests, big egos, a cult-of-the-founder, or long term contracts.
Our instructors are experienced professionals who love to teach.
Adults and kids learn to be strong, focused and flexible. Everyone builds self-confidence and self-respect by working together, taking on a good challenge, and gaining real competence.
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FAQs –
Q: You are in a church. Can that be a real dojo?
A: Yes. It is a real dojo. The techniques, training methods are proven and the results are authentic.
Q: The price is low, can we get top quality training for that?
A: Yes. The price is low so everyone who wants to learn can afford to. Our instructors have decades of teaching and professional experience, so that every member can learn this beautiful, powerful, traditional martial art – and get unusually strong, focused and flexible, to deal with daily life and to respond to unusual situations effectively.

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