Participation in Advanced Training

The mind training aspect of advanced training depends on a powerful foundation of martial skill. In advanced training classes we emphasize endurance, power training, speed and timing, and other aspects of martial competence, under higher pressure than we may take on in other classes. 

This intensity and habituation to high-demand performance gives us the capacity to experience mental calm under pressure, and a competence in performance that allows unusual speed of perception, insight and action. 

This is part of the lore of martial arts but rarely is part of the training in martial arts. It can and should be done to achieve the best results. Without regular participation in advanced training classes – wholehearted participation and consistent presence – there is no real possibility of advanced training, even if you have been practicing for many years. 

To keep the performance pressure on for years is not for everyone. Often in martial arts people take on challenges for a few years and then go through the motions, learning a new kata here, a new technique there, and feel as if, because of all the years passing, that they are advanced. That does not prove to be true. 

That kind of practice is fine, it is fun, it is a good way to keep in shape and have a good time with friends and training partners. But it does not result in advanced skills. It will not yield high performance in a combative, self-defense or competitive setting. It will not yield deep life skills, in awareness, integration, dependability or presence. 

So, to advance in rank at our school, to fulfill your potential and the potential of the art of Yamabayashi Ryu, consistent, wholehearted advanced training is necessary.

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