As Dangers Multiply

We carry our training with us everywhere we go. Our skills include our mental attitude. We make our minds strong. 

Here is one way: we acknowledge shortcomings and we fix them.

Here is another: we acknowledge our strengths and build on them.

We do both every day. It is how training works. 

Self-criticism can be humble and honest. If taken too far it can be debilitating.

As we enter a confrontation, we do not want a mind that says “I make a lot of mistakes.”

We want a mind that knows “I persist and prevail.” 

This applies beyond violent confrontation to any challenge we face. In sports, school or work. In performance or debate or in personal life. 

We train our minds and our bodies to be reliable, strong and resilient. 


Post by Jeffrey Brooks Copyright© 2022 Mountain Karate DojoYamabayashi Ryu Honbu, in Saluda, NC

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