Mountain Training

Mountain Karate members doing karate on mountain.


  1. ZZDoc says:

    My Goju-ryu was trained privately, with a Sensei/personal trainer, always in shoes, on a variety of ground, depending on weather, indoors and outdoors. His philosophy was…’it’s not likely that you’ll be barefoot when the time comes’.

    • David Craig says:

      That is one thing that makes so much sense yet no one seems to talk about.

      • ZZDoc says:

        Agree. Unfortunately, In karate, judo, et al, we’ve been conditioned to the visual imaging of a uniform field of a athletes, barefoot, dressed in white dogi wrapped in a spectrum of colored belts. Somehow, the look of an individual executing kata dressed otherwise appears out of sorts.. Yet it seems to work well in the brain when it comes to taichi or the varieties of kungfu. Shirt, pants, shoes..very civilian in their look. Don’t know.

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