Pinan 1 – Two Shuto Chudan

There are several kata where there are two shuto chudan techniques in a row. This is probably not a repetition in purpose, only in form.

When we move 45° between them, we are flanking and maneuvering the opponent.

When we move straight ahead, as in Wankan, we off-balance and lock the opponent’s arm. 

Note: There is also a three shuto chudan series in Pinan shodan. It starts with the two shuto chudan techniques shown in this video. The third one has a different use. We will do another video showing the series of three, and the follow up kiai technique. That series is repeated in a similar way in Gojushiho. 

There is a series of four in Kusanku. 

Sometimes all of these have been interpreted as dealing with an opponent who is walking backwards as he is punching toward you. We do not think that interpretation works well.

The shuto chudan technique has many uses. 

This video shows one possibility, in kata where there is a sequence of two. 


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