Bunkai: Wankan the Beginning

Chudan attack

The proximity of the attack is about elbow deep into your body.

You step and drive your body power across the incoming arm.

This draws the opponent toward you,

off balances him and,

Opens the neck of the opponent as his head tips back.

You counterstrike to the neck with a shuto technique.

For this to work it is essential to use the “quick reversal” or the “fast transient” principle here (read the short article “Too Fast To See” for the source and explanation of this.)

Do not make neck contact in training. The neck is not designed to take a hit or be manipulated. 

You continue the downward movement of your right, pushing his head down

And the upward movement of your left, pushing his arm up

Turning him upside down and off balancing him

(This is the exact movement pattern of the technique nicknamed “shuto chudan uke” but with a completely different function.)

If his head is still in proximity at this point, use the left shuto to strike,

Then step in to do the double punch.

This will likely be a head-strike as he falls

But if another target is lined up then that is your target. 

Do not hit the head or neck in training, just show the angles, distance and body mechanics

These are dangerous, potentially lethal force techniques. They are built into the kata. They are not always recognized for what they are.

If you are facing a lethal threat that is one thing. If you are practicing skillful movement in the dojo with friends and training partners keep it safe.


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