Bunkai: Pinan Sandan Nukite to Kiai

Blood, sweat and other things can impede effective throwing in self-defense. If your grip slips in this move, your back is exposed. So, in this application instead of a throw, we use fast striking techniques. An additional advantage of using strikes instead of throwing in this kind of application is that karate-trained people are proficient in striking.

Nukite – spear hand, fingertip strikes – are cavity penetration strikes. They set up muscle seizing or other chin na. 

This is an interpretation of the sequence of moves in Pinan Sandan, from the nukite to the kiai punch. This interpretation works if the nukite lands in the arm pit cavity or if the nukite is blocked and grabbed by the opponent. The kata teaches how to immediately and effectively follow up the nukite.

If the nukite is blocked or grabbed, the opponent may attempt to continue your forward motion, intending to throw

You go with that pull, bending the elbow to create a wrist release, and

Using your elbow to strike to a mid-area target of the opponent – solar plexus, ribs, etc.

As you step and turn as shown in the kata you immediately apply the second elbow strike, followed by a double punch. 

Here we are showing the double punch to the body. It may be that the elbow strikes will bend the opponent forward. This will place his head low, at the level of your chest. 

So, in that case, the double punch would target the opponent’s head.

The kiai front punch follows those four hits, all moving forward. 


Post Copyright © 2023 by Jeffrey Brooks, Mountain Karate, Yamabayashi Ryu, Saluda, NC USA


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