Any Place Any Time

  As a practitioner you can practice wherever you are, whenever you want. It takes a while to learn how to do that. Because not every environment is as conducive to training as a dojo. But you can always do something. To condition the body, and condition the mind. If you understand this you are... Continue Reading →

The Evolving Tradition

  Long ago, in another age, somewhere far from here, people found a way to keep themselves strong and alert. As they practiced and refined and used their art to good effect, it spread. It was referred to by many names over the years. The names changed. The technique evolved. In China, in the mountains... Continue Reading →

Hold Your Head High

  It is human to have a long and vertical spine.  It is human to walk on two feet, with your head high, your breath free to move and your gaze flexible and alive. This is not the posture of mind or body we assume at a computer or a desk, in a car or... Continue Reading →

Refuge from the Realm of Desire

  In times of peace and plenty people turn towards the things of this world. Prestige, comfort and safety become the ultimate refuge in the time before the fall, in every empire as it declines.  The pleasures, the values, the culture, the corruption, the errors and the collapse all flow from there. It happened in... Continue Reading →

The Moment of Freedom

  What we have done in the past creates our present moment. We can’t go back and do it over. We cannot know the future. But we can act right now. This is the only moment we have. Use it wisely. This is the moment of freedom.   Post by J. Michael Brooks Click here... Continue Reading →

A Precious Human Life

  When he is here in the US, the Dalai Lama is a visiting head of state, and as such, receives a high level of security. Federal, state and local agencies coordinate to provide protection for him. The Dalai Lama has a powerful influence upon the people who encounter him. Many people, not merely Buddhists,... Continue Reading →

All Perfect

  A samurai stood at the head of his troops, on the edge of the field of battle. He was at the height of his power, a master of the arts of the sword and strategy, a general, a poet. It was April. The cherry blossoms fell from the trees, and with every breeze, clouds... Continue Reading →

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